Ryan Rogers


National Account Manager


C: (270) 875-1288


O: (270) 875-4631


About Me

My name is Ryan Rogers and I have been with Anew Transport since February 2022.  My wife Lindsey and I have 3 children named Emma, Carson and Bentley.  Lindsey has been a public school teacher for over 15 years and has been teaching 4th grade the majority of that time.  We live in Western Kentucky, where I get the opportunity to work remotely as a National Account Manager.  I graduated from Purdue University in December 2006 and worked in the rental car industry from 2006 all the way up till I began working for Anew Transport.  We plan on building our dream home in 2024 on our 6.5 acre wooded property which includes an acre size pond where we'll all enjoy hunting, fishing and of course laying out by the pool during summer breaks.  I encourage you to follow me on my Facebook page to enjoy updates about what's going on with the Rogers crew from vacations, home build and many of lifes wonderful journeys we'll encounter along the way.  Thank you for getting to know me a little better and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you!

"Excited to share a little bit of why I love working at Anew Transport. When you love what you do, it’s not really work, so come enjoy what you do with me and let us tackle the small or large challenges you may have together!"


Hey Ryan...


What do you love about Anew Transport?

I come from working in a corporate environment where from an upper level you are treated like a number.  I love that Anew is a family-owned company and everyone always tries to make themselves available to help.  This is a big deal when working remotely and you cannot simply walk into the other room to talk to someone.  Anew has essentially allowed me to take ownership of my own business, yet have an amazing team to back me up with orders, dispatching, billing, and even claims.  This team doesn't let you down!


What do you like about the transport industry?

Surprising my customers with excellent service and seeing the reaction, especially from first-time customers when they finally decide to use us for the first time and can compare us to what they're use to.  Their remarks are not only encouraging, but also exciting to hear!


What do you like about your position at Anew?

I get to work remotely and that means I truly feel like I own my own business.  I'm available for my children and family when I need to be, and can be available to my customers esentially 24/7 because my office is only a few steps away.


What are some of your professional accomplishments?

Before working for Anew, I was able to create my own material and effectively lead our region to being the top ranked region in the country.  It allowed me to think outside the box to extend my success to others.  I've taken the same out of box thinking approach at Anew by creating short videos explaining our industry, what makes us different, and why customers should give us a try.  The reactions have been priceless and enjoyable to hear.  Check them out on Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn or now even the Transport Videos link on this website found HERE!


What are your professional goals?

I have been blessed to be in the position I am currently in and to be given the opportunity to work with Anew Transport.  my goal is to always be growing my customer base and take the utmost care of them like they're family.